Youngers Fish Bar, Cardiff

Who we are and what we do!

— History of Youngers Fish Bar

Youngers Fish Bar – the best fish and chip shop in Cardiff. Back in the 1980’s Youngers Fish Bar in 73 Caerphilly Road was an ironmonger’s owned and run by a local man. This man still lives locally and often calls in. After many years of stiff competition from the newly opened B&Q, he converted the shop in to what it is now a high end fish and chip shop.

Sometime later he retired and sold the business to the Younger family. They ran the shop very successfully for almost 10 years. In this time they established an enviable reputation both within the industry and with local customers.

In 2010 Paul Clough, a member of the Younger family took over the business and has been running it ever since. Paul has stuck with the legacy that has been passed down to him by his family. Paul has developed the business dramatically in many areas. At Youngers fish bar we are very conscious about our carbon footprint. A product used to reduce our carbon footprint is triple filtered palm oil, this goes much further than conventional oil. Paul believes strongly in developing his staff and giving them transferable skills to aid them in future careers.

— Reaching out to the community

Education is hugely important to us. Every year we invite sixty 5-6 year old’s from Birchgrove Primary School in to have a look around.  We teach the children about the anatomy of a fish, their habitations, and how they are caught. They enjoy hearing about the preparation process and their nutritional value too.The children are always brilliant, showing great interest and asking amazing questions.

We provide raffle prizes for all kinds of great causes, it is our privilege to be a support.  Last year the owner of Youngers Fish Bar met the Mayor,presenting to him the funds raised for ‘Velindre’.

We love to see children in the shop, we provide a high chair for the little ones and a box of toy cars for the older ones.  The children’s menu has the same high quality menu items on it that we prepare for the adults.  Freshly made Cod bites, McWhinneys sausage or chicken breast nuggets.  All served with chips and a Shmoo milkshake.


“Team Youngers aim to give every customer a better experience than the one they expected”

— Our Philosophy

This is our mission statement and one we live by.  Due to each team member taking responsibility for themselves, everything they do is the best they can do it. The Team has 2 professional fryers who take enormous pride in every fish they prepare and cook. The rest of the team are responsible for customer service and making sure customers enjoy their experience.

Healthy Eating – It is an important part of our philosophy to provide our customers with the good nutrition that they need. Fresh fish is loaded in important nutrients, it is a vital part of our diet and we believe everyone should eat more fish. Fish contains protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids which are incredibly important for your brain.

If you’re concerned about the fry, we will Steam your fish to order for you instead.  No extra cost, we just want to include you in our Fish and Chip Experience.



— Eating In or Eating out?

If you fancy eating in, we have a 22 seat restaurant area which we keep clean and cosy for you.  We don’t charge extra if you choose to eat in and will serve your meal on real plates with proper knives and forks.

If you would prefer to eat your fish and chips out, we will box them up for you.  Serving Fish in our special boxes helps keep them warm but allows the steam to escape from holes on the box back.  This makes sure your fish is warm and Crispy when you get home. We encourage every customer to please recycle their boxes as all boxes that our food is served in can be recycled.

sticker375x360-u4Doggy Friendly

We allow well behaved dogs to sit in with their owners.  A fresh water bowl is always outside and we have doggy treats too!


— Why choose Youngers Fish and Chips?

  • The only fish & chip shop in South Wales that supply fresh Cod and fresh Hake. Which makes such a difference in taste it is second to none.
  • Every piece of fish is cooked fresh to order it makes such a difference in taste. Also due to the fact that customers do not get soggy fish.
  • Youngers have 4 frying pans there is not many other fish and chip shops that have 4 pans. We have these facilities because it means there is no cross contamination between batter and our chips. Which means when we say something is gluten free it actually is.
  • Potatoes are chosen by the best on the day that we order, which is on average 3 times a week. We buy our potatoes the way that we do because then we get the best choice of the crop as often as possible. We always buy on a seasonal basis.



— A bit of fishy information!

  • Our fresh Cod is from Norway it is line caught. There are many benefits of fish being line caught like the fish that are too small that are caught always get put back. This is helping to sustain our fish populations. They also don’t get bruised while being brought in and is generally better for the environment.


  • Our fresh Hake is from Scottish sustainable waters. Hake is also popular with the Spanish, Portuguese and Italians. It is a member of the cod family and swims in deep water. It has a long, slender body and is good for cutting into steaks. The flesh is quite soft, but firms up on cooking.


  • Northern European stocks have been subject to recovery plans that include catch and fishing effort controls. Scottish stocks are now robust and being fished in a way that is sustainable.


“The most important thing for our business is both our customers and staff”

 — Consistent quality food!

Keeping good relationships with our suppliers is very important to us. We keep in regular contact with them about changes in prices and any new stock that we can bring to you. Due to us having these good relationships it enables us to ensure that all of our food is of a high quality, if we are offered anything other than the best then quite simply it’s not good enough for us!

Doing spot checks on our suppliers to see if they are keeping up to standards is a common process. We pride ourselves on having high quality expectations to live up to, which has resulted in us gaining a name for ourselves for only accepting top quality supplies to provide our customers with. Quality control is important when we get new products, it is a learning process. We go on a trial and error basis with our new products if customers don’t like something we won’t serve it. We very rarely get bad potatoes because we only source the best. That is why our prices are a little more.



youngers fish bar national federation of fish friers

— What makes our products so tasty?

Due to our many years of experience in the fish and chip shop trade, we know where to look for the best supplies. We have gained a superior knowledge in how to find the most tasty products to provide you with.

  1. Our Haddock and Plaice comes from the Faroe Islands, where the water is fresh and clear.
  2. We create our own secret recipes including our special batter. We source our products from specialists and only buy from experienced and trustworthy suppliers
  3. Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire is the best place for potatoes. The two companies we use for potatoes are Masons & Mitchel’s. We make sure the crops that we use are the best which of course results in the chips being extra tasty.
  4. Our Palm oil is triple filtered and sourced from sustainable rain-forests. This substitute is a huge factor quality wise, it doesn’t stick to the chips and make them soggy which is a common problem in a lot of fish and chip shops. Because the palm oil doesn’t stick to the chips it also means that you get more use out of the amount of oil used.


 — Charity contributions

We love to do our part for charity and it is our pleasure to help out at charity events and be a support to local charities. Here are a few of the ways in which we have been a support:

  1. Fund raising for st John ’s ambulance like Elvis nights.
  2. On Good Friday we have treasure hunts and kids toys are given away.
  3. A lot of fund raising for Velindre, we provide raffle prizes for all ages. Last year the owner met the Mayor to present money we had raised for Velindre.


 — Gluten Free Day!

We have a gluten free day, on the first and third day of the month, because we have a separate fryer there is not cross contamination! We can guarantee if you are gluten intolerant on the first and third day of the month you can come to Youngers fish bar and have a lovely fish & chips that won’t do you any harm.

You won’t have to worry about what you can and can’t eat, which we know is a real load off of some people’s minds. Many people may just perceive that a glutenfree diet is healthier.” In fact, it isn’t. For people with celiac disease, a glutenfree diet is essential. Gluten is the protein component found in wheat, rye and barley Gluten gives elasticity, strength and the ability to ‘hold’ food products together. The most obvious sources of gluten in most diets are bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, flour, pastry, pizza bases, cakes and biscuits. Gluten can also be found in processed foods, such as soups, sauces, ready meals and sausages.